VOLTA New York – 2020 – Video Sculpture


  • find out the emerging theme of the art fair
  • analyze your three fav art work


The mediums of the art shown in the VOLTA New York are vastly different. The usage of materials and techniques in some work is very clever. It seems to me that the fair has a lot of work that plays with perceptions. Some work uses shadows and light to convert a non-flat 3D object into a 2D art. Some of them utilizes lines and depth to play with the perceptions of the viewer when they walk from side to side or view from top to bottom or vice versa. The theme of perception is prevalent in different mediums. In one work, the artist converted a large canvas of world into a VR experience. Painting is no longer a painting. It is converted into a more immersive experience.

There are lots of portraits of trees in the show. Since I am not so familiar with politics, it is hard to tell for me. There are lots of portraiture paintings. But some of them were depicting a dystopian future world, others were depicting society and people. There are a few installation and video emerging as the new medium.

My fav artwork

Jae Ko

I was attracted by the simplicity and the composition of the piece at first. Then the details of the textures intrigued me to ask lots of questions: what is the material? how is it made why this material?

After my conversation with the curator, I learned that the material was made through register paper rolls which were dyed, dried, and stabled through a special process. The artist Jae Ko is very obsessed with coils and spirals. When she focused on this particular material, she started to experiment with primary colors: blue, red, and yellow. She loves symmetry that’s why her work is mostly visually pleasing and minimal. I like the work mostly because of its minimal aesthetic and interesting choice of materials. I still wonder to this day, how would the paper roll not wrinkle once they are dried if they were dyed thoroughly?

This is my favorite work and I would put it in my room since it will keep reminding me to explore different kinds of materials and making process to create something as simple and influential as this piece.

Jaena Kwon

Material used: light density fiberboard with metallic acrylic paint

Price: $4500

Her work mainly explores the possibilities of flat surface through experimenting with paints. She felt the traditional perception for painting is too restricted. Hence, she created the minimalistic artwork. I like this work because it is sexy in a very subtle way. The light density fiberboard really did its trick while combined with the violet metallic acrylic paint. It is more like a sculpture to me rather than a painting.

Safarani Sisters, Dancing around the bed (2), Oil color on canvas and video projection, 30×40 in, 2019

The work used video projection on the oil canvas. You have wait to see the video of a girl rolling, dancing on the bed inside the painting. Their artwork manifested in identity exploration. In this work, they told a story of a girl in her own world while giving us a sneak peak of how she spends time with her bed/ in her own world. It is quite relevant to what we are learning and the way they combine video with painting is inspiring to me.

The way they make people to wait to see is clever to me. Only people who care to wait will get the reward of getting a glimpse of the world of the woman inside the painting. The work engages people more and makes them more intrigued about her world. The viewers will wonder what she is like outside of her living room and how would she behave were they to meet with her.


I love talking to people and understanding their reasons behind making the work. VOLTA New York has been very enlightening for me. Below are some other works that I like.

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