Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design

We made it! We spent over 20 hours this week to finalize the design of the looks like and works like models for our watch band that warms you up during cold weather. We presented the product at Frog design.

Fenfen Chen, Yiting Liu(me), Lanni Zhou, Inna Lobel (my fav professor!), Jake Sherwood

Here is our final presentation.

It was such a rewarding journey for me. The whole process of iteration is so beneficial to me to gain user insights.

Here is the demo video of how it works.

Process – iteration

Quick Prototype – User Interactions

We wondered how the button placement will affect the affordance of the watch band. Therefore, we used quick prototyping with materials such as white paper-like fabrics, cardboard, and buttons for our user testing.

We then did user testing with Apple watch wearers. We gathered insights as below:

  1. prefer thinner watch band
  2. should switch buttons with less effort to press
  3. button should be placed facing the user
  4. indicating light preferred at the bottom rather than near the screen. It seems distracting.

We also shared a survey with our friends and peers and got 15 responses for watch wearers to figure out the materials, occasions to take off their watches and so on. Since we are building watch band, we would have to know what material is reasonable for our team to manufacture that fits our heating pad.

We gain insights that:

  1. people value the watch in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and durability.
  2. people take off their watch during shower or sleep.
  3. the materials of their watch band are silicone, leather, and cloth.

You can check out our survey here.

Works-like model

I helped Jake to work on the heating pad construction where button press means turning on/off the heat, increase, or decrease the heat level.

Here are the schematics for the circuit.

Looks-like model

We user tested in terms of different kinds of buttons. And gained insight of their favorite button and used that as our material for our look-like model.

We then used the vacuum machine to create a mold for it to achieve the minimalistic aesthetic. After that we spray painted it black to match the sleek design of the black watch band.

This is the example when we were working on different kinds of buttons as our trial.

In order to create the place for the heat pad, we used conductive tape to align with the band as below.


This journey is so rewarding that I am proud to say I get what I put in. I wore many hats in the design process solving a problem for urban mobility. I conducted user research, market research, in-depth interviews, surveys, and user testings. I also helped out the technical part of building the product that actually works upon button press. I also created the branding guideline for our product Zeal and made it visually pleasing in terms of presentation.

Special thanks to Jake Sherwood, Fenfen Chen, Lanni Zhou. I really enjoyed working with these lovely people. Their creative minds push our project further.

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