Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design

We made it! We spent over 20 hours this week to finalize the design of the looks like and works like models for our watch band that warms you up during cold weather. We presented the product at Frog design. Here is our final presentation. It was such a rewarding journey for me. The wholeContinue reading “Product Design – Week 6 – Presentation at Frog design”

VOLTA New York – 2020 – Video Sculpture

Assignment find out the emerging theme of the art fair analyze your three fav art work Theme The mediums of the art shown in the VOLTA New York are vastly different. The usage of materials and techniques in some work is very clever. It seems to me that the fair has a lot of workContinue reading “VOLTA New York – 2020 – Video Sculpture”

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