Dynamic Web Development – Week 1

I love fortune cookies. I often am amazed by the quote inside of the cookies and I want my website to have the similar surprise feeling for my audience. Therefore, I created graphics of fortune cookies and searched online of some fortune cookie quotes and made a website! You can check the website here. MyContinue reading “Dynamic Web Development – Week 1”

Music Interaction Design – Week1

Group activity: design an interactive musical experience Assignments 1. Document your concept on a blog post containing: A brief description of the concept that includes what it does, who it is for, and where it lives (not more than a couple of sentences) A drawn sketch (or sketches) that indicates form, materials, scale, and interactionContinue reading “Music Interaction Design – Week1”

Video Sculpture – Week 1 – Light Assignment

Presentation A mason jar hanging from the ceiling with a red wire red light. When players engage with it, it blinks red light as it swings. Concept We had several ideas about our concept and then we narrowed down to community, play, and control. In this installation, the concept of the light is that peopleContinue reading “Video Sculpture – Week 1 – Light Assignment”

Intangible Interaction – Week 1

Assignment: Do the Part I of the Redesigning Interaction (Project #1) and blog post about your 1) observations along with analysis of the interaction and 2) research about the current system works technically. Based on the lecture, discussion and readings, write a blog post that address your answers to any of these questions: What is your definitionContinue reading “Intangible Interaction – Week 1”

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