Music Interaction Design – week 4

I went to Zerospace a couple of weeks ago and was quite inspired by the powerfulness of the threads hanging from the ceiling.

I want to have four sections of the threads grouped together. Each section would determine different elements of the music:

  1. pitch/frequency
  2. tempo
  3. delay
  4. accent

I want to incorporate sensors in my project as below:

  1. contactless IR sensor – checking temperature
  2. Accelerometer

Rhythmic studies:

I wanted to create a forest of sounds that users can come and explore. I want to combine nature sounds and ordinary machinery sounds together. I collected several sounds such as birds singing, wind blowing, and washer/dryer movements and more from. I used Adobe Audition to downsize the file of each sound and then made two drum racks in Ableton and played with them.

Here is the rough cut of the music.


I chose Max/MSP to do Wizard of Ozs studies again to get feedbacks.


  1. Would love to pull the drape/thread
  2. The difference of the thread could be made more clear and distinct

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