Music Making – Self-Studies – Sessions 1 & 2

I have been playing piano since 5 and had always improvised in terms of composing. However, I did not get professional music theory training and I would love to be a better composer.

So over the weekend, I learned how to use Ableton Live professionally through Ableton’s learning website.

I followed the tutorials until Pelog under the Advanced Topics. I will finish learning that in this week.

I also found an amazing tutorial on YouTube about music theory. I followed along with Andrew. Practice really makes perfect.

With the knowledge I gained from these tutorials, I was able to make music. Enjoy!

p.s.: I made the graphic too!

I am planning to make music every day to see how far I progress. I was thinking I could combine music making with Video Sculpture which I will learn video projection and more AR stuff.

I shared my music with Dina, and she mentioned about how some parts are quite interesting, yet some part it needs more variations. I agree with her. That’s why I feel the second one “Space” is better than the first one “Cult”. Last night, I was so eager to make improvements that I created a new one called “Float” adding more variations yet limiting the amount of tracks played at the same time since Dina was mentioning about too many layers for “Space”.

I will ask for feedbacks from more people to improve upon it.

My personal vision for my music making is getting better at using Ableton and combining it with Max for Live and Max/MSP since I am sure I will use it more in the future.

My system of approaching the songs:

  • Adapting new techniques in my music and write them down.
  • Finding songs I like and try to mimic the effect.

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