Happily Poop System – II – Week 2

Gif created by the amazing Rae


  • Come up with and make a working prototype of a whimsical interaction for any parts of the bathroom (or the chosen space) based on your observations on interactions. Your design/system can be totally useless.


Rae and I received Break Beam Sensor and VL53L0X Time of Flight Sensor: VL53L0X for this project. We wanted to create an entertaining way of using the bathroom. Bathroom has always been perceived as passive. What if the system is active? From that thought, we built a system that generates interesting emotions. When approaching the bathroom, users will hear soothing nature sound. When they sit down and deliver poop, the beam sensor, ideally will be placed at the bottom of the toilet, will detect and generate a suspenseful sound effect. When users finish their business, as they reach to the toilet paper, the background will end, indicating the end of an era of the deceased nutritions from a human body.



Rae did the fabrication and I am so amazed by her design of the bathroom and I adore the aesthetic.

Chris volunteered to make green poops as props for our demo video.


I love coding and I had so much fun working with these sensors my first time! The arduino code is quite easy. I was testing out the serial communication between arduino and p5.js for a long time. Since the information needed to communicate is a byte, I used serial.write to send a byte to my p5 sketch.

Our p5 sketch does not need any imagery since sounds are enough. Therefore, I used the sound reference from the p5.js. We were going to randomize the sound effect from break beam sensor when poop is detected, however, I could not figure it out during the time. It gives me the error saying the element in the array I created is undefined. I will go back and figure out the problem.




I love working with Rae. We had so much fun making this come true within 5 hours. The presentation in class was quite funny and I wonder what people will react if it were really installed in the bathrooms.

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