Music Interaction Design – Week2


1. Install Ableton Live Suite, familiarize yourself with it.

2. Put together an aural mood board for your prompt. Submit it here.

3. Refine your prompt. Who is it for? Are you a part of this group of people? Do you know people who are, and who could help you test your project?

4. Mock up your user’s musical experience for one or two user paths. These can be labeled audio files, label screen captures, illustrating cause (user action) and effect (musical response). Submit here.

Prompt Recap & Revision

Based on my previous project prompt where I wanted people to solve a puzzle by putting different tokens in it, I changed my visual presentation from obvious playfulness to subtle playfulness. I wanted to follow my inspiration from Ann Hamilton in her project, “the event of a thread”. The scale may be narrowed down to three threads hanging down from the ceiling with white drape right behind them.

I also checked her artist statement on “the event of a thread” here. I like how she allows the audience to explore. The “wild and safe” feelings the installation generates are what I want to achieve in my music interaction piece.

Here are some logistics of my final project:

  • create a sense of community and playfulness in my final project
  • multi-players or single player
  • Materials:
    • three thread/ropes and three separate drapes
    • things to stabilize the drape and thread
      • It could be curtain rod and curtain rings
  • sensors and software
    • accelerometer
    • bluetooth module (I am open for suggestion to make sure I connect with less wires. I have never worked with bluetooth before, I heard it was quite unstable. I would like to try and experiment with it).
    • Kinect (Potential to detect how many people are interacting with the drapes to select different genres of music.)

Aural mood board

I want to learn how to use Kinect as well as bluetooth in my work. I want to use Kinect to detect how many people are in the room interacting with the piece to play different types of music.

Materials of the textiles:

Rules: (number of persons –> different music genres)

p.s.: I am still exploring music piece for the project. I am open for suggestions!

  1. one: kitchenware sounds
  1. two: French jazz music
  1. three: Afro music
  1. four: Latino music
  1. more than five: nature sounds

Musical experience – user path, user action, musical response

I imagine my piece to be for general public. Anyone can interact with in whichever way they feel comfortable with. My goal is to keep my project simple yet impactful.

I focused on one user segment, children, since if children can play with it without breaking this piece, it would be a success for me. Also, if children can interact with it for more than 10 minutes, then I think other audience segments will interact with it within a generous amount of time.

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