Video Sculpture – Week 1 – Light Assignment


A mason jar hanging from the ceiling with a red wire red light. When players engage with it, it blinks red light as it swings.


We had several ideas about our concept and then we narrowed down to community, play, and control. In this installation, the concept of the light is that people are in control of the actions they have. It encourages people to play and encourages conversations between people when two or more people play with the installation.


I worked on the accelerometer code. For the first night, there was no reading on the accelerometer when I was working with the old Nano and LIS3DH. I tried with Nano Iot 33 with the accelerometer from Tito, yet it still didn’t work.

I went to Yeseul’s office hour and figured out the wiring on the tutorial was incorrect. There was also two different ways of wiring: I2C and SPI. Since the tutorial online was working with Uno. I then applied the wiring on Uno, yet it didn’t work.

Yeseul helped to find another library from Sparkfun and I put the SDA pin onto the SDA pin on Uno and SCL pin onto the SCL pin on Uno. When I connect them all and applied the example, it finally had the readings!

But I ended up using Nano 33 IoT since it has accelerometer inside and it is smaller.

The library I downloaded from Sparkfun is here.

In my Arduino code, I set a threshold for the average value of the accelerometer and determine if it is moved by the users. I used an anode RGB LED light but I was having trouble creating the yellow light. Therefore, I settled on a less ideal color, red, to match the long USB cable borrowed from the equipment room.

Arduino Code here.


The fabrication part is quite easy. Dina bought the Mason Jar which has the perfect size for me to fit the breadboard and other electronics.

I used a hammer and a nail to poke through the lid and then used a piler to widen the hole so that the USB cable can go through. I then used elastic threads to wrap around the cable to stop the head of the USB cable from coming out of the lid.


Ideally, I would solder the wires onto a small perfboard to make it compact. Moreover, I would like to change the whole outlook of the light installation. I wanted to have a light similar to the picture below but with opaque glass around.

Ideally, I want a 6 ft by 6 ft dark room where the light is hanging from the ceiling in the center. I imagine it would be more impactful for my users.


Conceptualizing is very important for a project to be impactful for a broader audience. The brainstorming method introduced by Tundi was very insightful. I will use Why, How, What in my design approach.

Special thanks to Tundi Szasz and Dina Khalil.

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