Happy Scent – Animation Project – Week5

Through last week’s feedback, we adjusted a lot in terms of Niya’s expressions, scales and perspectives of the set and Niya. We also added several scenes to make the ending more positive rather than sad.


Final video here.

For this week, I did:

  • rescaled the hospital and Niya to make sure it fits the perspectives
  • Worked on the scene of spraying of the perfume using Particles effect in AE
  • Worked on the scene outside of the House with ambulance and Niya’s friends crying
  • Created the scene that shows the change of Niya’s expression from being sad to extremely happy

Later on Tuesday, we managed to work on adding the music and sound effects and put the short film together.

We searched several sound effects from freesound.org and YouTube. Raaziq also helped to do a voice over as the doctor.

Things I learned through this project:

  • It’s quite helpful to ask for help. I learned how to make the light blink on YouTube to make a more realistic view of the ambulance arriving. Creating a sense of seriousness and urgencies with the help of visual effect is quite important for our story.
  • Working with Dina is amazing. I love how sharing work in a team can be so effective and efficient.
  • We changed a lot of our storyline as we worked on the project. I am happy to see how our creative decisions take place along the way. Our discussions really help to shape how the animation is produced.
  • There are several points that we could improve for this project. Due to short of time, we couldn’t work to its finest details before the deadline but if we have time, we would make the animation better.
  • Planning ahead of time is important. The whole process of converting a Fuse project as well as 3D object through Photoshop into the after effects is quite time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. Factors such as scales, perspectives, angles, and lighting on the objects need to be considered before importing them into after effects.

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