1. Based on the feedback on your poster, iterate on it.
  2. Create a brand for yourself including a logo, palette and typography. For the logo show your sketches and the process from ideation to completion. Document your brand in a personal style guide.

Poster Redesign

From the feedback from last class, I aligned the dates in a line that is parallel to the line made with two hands. I also changed the position of the location to make sure it is not distracting and it is visually aligned to the right.

Below is the original design. The black speaker is too disturbing and the color for the dates are too black. Therefore, I changed the gradient into 70% to make the final version better and less distracting. I also enlarged the poster to leave space for the location information.

Personal Branding



Logo Draft on Paper

I did brainstorming in terms of “what others would think of me?”, and “what I think of myself”. With the keywords, I went on exploring different ideas of combining letters or Chinese characters.

I then settled on this one in the middle as shown.


I then exported it to Illustrator to draw outline and then did several variations while playing around with the draft logo. I tried using the circles to create the shapes at first. However, it doesn’t look organic to me. I then used tools such as scissor and smooth to create a more organic version from the shape created using pen tool on top of the image shown above.

Color Palette

Drawn inspiration from the color palette assignment, I wanted to select colors that represent my personality. I wanted them to work cohesively, therefore, I selected the color in the same family yet with different shades.

Here is the screenshot of the color palette I settled on.

I then incorporated the color into the logo design.


When I was experimenting, I felt like if Y and L are the same color, the overlapping line would be too thick and it would be less obvious for people to distinguish Y and L. Therefore, I created lines to separate Y and L, yet still manage to present them together cohesively.

I then experimented with different fonts to pair up with my logo. In the end, I designed the font Mansalva Regular suits myself as well as the logo the best. In the meantime, I also incorporated the style of the font to create a words logo for myself just in case. I tried to make them align by using the rectangle to guide. I also tried to “type on the path” to experiment and decided to not to go down that route.

After several hours of fine-tuning, I decided to have two logos. One is the official logo while another is the words logo.


I am pretty happy of my design in the end and quite proud of the whole process of creating the logo that I am satisfied with. I am envisioning to apply them in my future work such as portfolio website, resume, and business cards.

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