Fusion or Not – Updates – IPC

We changed our plans a lot after the feedback.

Observations from the user testing

  • people picked up the bowl to dump the ingredients
  • people overlooked the placement of the spoon
  • people question about the issue of running out of cards from the slotting machine
  • people wondered about how they will have their own recipe or learn more from the traditional one

Feedbacks from the user testing

  • Create more response in terms of sound/light that indicate which bowl is selected
  • Instead of printing the cards out and create the slotting mechanism, we decided to create a QR code for them to scan to view the traditional recipe.
  • We changed the placement of the bowl to make the p5 code easier to manage (We were struggling with the position of the five bowls surrounding the big mixing bowl on p5).
  • We decided to lose the screen entirely. We would project the p5 sketch onto the physical interactive platform.


Design Update

Considering the size of laser cutter which is 12 by 24 inches, we redesigned the whole setup to make it work around with the size of the machine since we need to use laser cutter to engrave and cut certain parts for the bowls to go in. We planned to create two modules:

  • one big acrylic sheet panel of 12 by 22 inch for big bowl and four small bowls
  • one smaller acrylic sheet of 5 by 22 inch for button, encoder, and QR code.

We also created the sketch accordingly to the exact size of the physical platform to make it easy for projection.

Pcomp Update

Button and Encoder

I worked with button to make sure when the button is pressed, the game starts. Then the encoder is twisted to select three layers which will be communicated to the p5.js sketch to select corresponding layers.

I experimented with a switch and I put in the circuit between the Arduino and the power. However, on the thought of using the pushbutton to start the game, I switched to the pushbutton.

This is the circuit when I put the switch in between the power and the Arduino.

I also 3d printed the knob for the encoder since the market sizes are not big enough to fit our aesthetic choice.

Ideally, we would want to have a push button that is as below to be installed in our final project.


I created a class to store the small ingredient bowls and mimicked the motion of picking the ingredient to the big mixing bowl.

Code is here.

I also created the Chinese Cuisine: Green pepper and pork. I used photoshop to create the assets as below.


It was a lot of work but I am happy that we are making lots of progress.

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