Animation – Updates – Week11

For this week, Dina and I were struggling with the storyboard since there are too many elements to be involved. We decided to cut out the living room scene where she becomes sad when she hears about the presidential election from TV. Also, we created the character Niya in Fuse. We then exported from photoshop different videos of her animated expressions and movements to after effects.

Dina and I share the task. Dina creates the scene in Niya’s bedroom where she receives the breakup text. She also created Niya’s friends for another scene.

I created the scene where Niya goes to the hospital to give birth but she couldn’t keep her baby. I also used the Particle effect on After Effect to create the spraying motion of the fragrance. I also created a transition clip that will show the spray motion from Niya’s point of view.

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