ITP Show Poster/Card – Visual Language – Week 11


Create a postcard for the ITP show.
For next week please create a card/poster for the ITP show. The grounds rules are at the link below. Think hard about the story you are trying to tell about ITP/IMA. Make your card more than simply a statement of the details about the show. The slides from this week’s class may help you think about a compositional strategy.

You can use illustration, color blocks, icons, photography–whatever you feel captures the spirit of ITP and will entice people to attend.
The faculty are interested in a card that communicates the human aspect of ITP.



In order to make it human-centered, I came up with several ideas that involve people in terms of hands, hair, face, and more.

My main direction is photography based since I have experience in photography. I also brainstormed some sketches that are Illustrator/Sketch based, however, I didn’t have enough time to make the poster better. Therefore, I settled on taking pictures.

I asked my friends Julian and Themis as hand models for the poster. I love the idea of diagonal. Therefore, I directed them to start from the So I tried to make sure their hands are at the diagonal corner of the composition. It was good with the wire stripper at the center.

However, I wanted to leave empty space for the text. Therefore, I offsetted a bit in terms of the diagonal and created the final poster.

Insert the draft process – brainstorming ideas

I used Photoshop to process the image first and then used Indesign to create the text.

I played with the Photoshop and used several effects inside. Personally, I feel the Color lookup, Channel mixer, and Gradient Map pretty helpful! I played around with the transparency of each layer as well as the effects.

I played around with the dissolve, multiply, screen, overlay and others.

I then exported the file to the InDesign. I played with the fonts. I also played around with the pen tool in the textbox to make sure the ITP SHOW aligns with the line created by the hands.

I played with the fonts but I felt like some fonts are not playful and doesn’t feel human-centric. Therefore, I settled on the font Cabin Sketch for the final poster.


This is a fun experience and I love the art direction for the photography part. I also explored with the design and position of the text!

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