Final Project Updates – IPC – Week10


Playtest your project with your classmates. In class, you’ll explain to groups of classmates briefly what your project looks and sounds like and what the participants can do. Then you’ll act them to act as participants and to show and tell you what they do with the project. You don’t need to have a fully working device or system in order to have a successful play test. You can use paper mockups, pictures, and whatever else works in order to explain to the test subject what happens when she takes certain actions. You benefit the most from play tests when you build very little, get the test subject to act out a lot of actions, and ask a lot of questions.



Set the aesthetic style for our interface. We used the font BunnyCookies and used CreateButton() for our Chinese or Indian cuisine.

Created a simple sketch of the placement of the ingredient bowls and big bowls.

Check the code here.


We purchased all the things we need for the final project

  • breadboards *4
  • motion sensors * 6
  • big bowl from the Container store
  • one acrylic cylinder with 3 1/2 diameter cutted down into five pieces that are 2 inches tall


We created a system diagram for our wiring in the future. We also tested on the sensitivity of the motion sensor.


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