Animation – week 10


  1. Develop storyboard for AfterFX animation project due week 3 & 4
  2. Create a short animation in After Effects that has a primary character and tells a quick story 1-3 minutes. Due week 5
  3. Bring a 2d character to class 3 to animate in class. 


We were inspired by the YouTube animation Cream. It was introduced as a product that benefits everybody and in the end becomes something worse when it starts to involve every parties in terms of people who have higher rank of politics and wealth.

We wanted to create something similar about a story where people get addicted to one product, in this case, Happy Scent. They are so addicted to it that when it runs out, they are way depressed than ever.


We started big by thinking of broad scales of how people can be affected. We thought of ideas that evoke sad emotions such as funerals, bad presidential election, and car accidents. We then decided to narrow down into one character.

This is where Niya comes in. As the main character, Niya is a pregnant lady who is sad all the time. We created her in Adobe Fuse to make her look sad with no facial expressions. She is sad all the time. On her birthday, she is even sadder since she received a breakup text from her boyfriend. Besides that, nobody else wishes her happy birthday on that day. Upon leaving her place, she found out a package that is addressed to her, saying “Happy Scent, Happy Life!” She was confused but gladly takes it home. She opens it and it was a fragrance. She tried it on and suddenly, she is not crying over the breakup text. She is smiling.

Another day when she wakes up, she feels the pain. She then goes to the hospital since she feels like her baby is about to come out. However, when she goes to the hospital to give birth, her baby didn’t make it. Therefore, she went home alone, lonelier than ever. She cries all the way back home. She picks up the Happy Scent and spray and she is happy again.

The next day, when she is going out with friends, she felt sad again since they were not chatting with her but to each other. She was about to take out the scent from her bag but it dropped. So the Happy Scent was gone. She felt way depressed than before.

When she got home, she felt way more empty inside. There is nothing left for her to stay in the world in her mind. Therefore, she decided to end her life.


The storyboard is as below.


We also created assets for our animation.

The character building in Fuse is quite fun. We played around the details of the body of Niya as well as her facial structure. We also found in Photoshop, we can manipulate the animation of certain actions of Niya. For instance, carrying a box, walking, walking in pain, crying and more. It was quite powerful to do so to a 3D character.

We have different scenes for the story so we had elements for the bedroom set, stairs in the outside, packages, the hospital.

Lessons I learned

When I downloaded lots of 3D modelled files of furnitures and other elements, I was trying to wrap the texture in photoshop or blender since After Effects take psd. files rather than obj. file. So I had to convert the obj. file from blender to photoshop and try to wrap the texture and move it to after effects. I spent a whole morning working on that. I learned how to wrap the obj. file in blender with some textures.

However, when I transferred it to photoshop, it does not come with the texture I created. So I had to do the texture in photoshop. But for some files, they don’t come with layers of each section, so it is quite hard for me to even apply different textures. But it was a good lesson to learn.

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