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Choose a palette of five colors that represents YOU. Using your palette create six square compositions. Each composition should should include all five colors of your palette. The colors in your palette can be the same hue but different saturations of that hue.
You can create your compositions by using  geometric or abstract shapes or, for two of your compositions, you can manipulate existing photographs. In the end, the six compositions should represent the distinct color palette of you. If you would like to use p5 to create your compositions you are welcome to do so. Be bold and imaginative with the ways you create and compose your palette.



I played in Adobe Color Code and selected a few themes in my library. Most of the colors are bright and bring joy. I personally like pink, red very much. Therefore, I got inspiration from my eyeshadow palette I use everyday and selected the one that has different shades of pink and red.

When I am experimenting, I started with simple shapes. Then I moved on to gradients and played around with the percentage of each other. Also, I wanted more texture and depth of the composition. Hence, I played around with the texture effects in Illustrator and shades of color overlapping.

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