Final Project Concept – IPC – Week 10

Project Concept 


A physical interactive platform that allows you to learn traditional Chinese/ Indian cuisine through visual representation. 


The physical interactive platform includes a big mixing bowl in the center with five ingredients bowls around, a spoon with an accelerator attached, and two buttons. Users are prompted to push the “START” button to initiate the act of mixing ingredients. They have to reach inside the bowl to trigger the motion sensor which will be displayed on the visual representation. When the action is finished, the bottom of the bowl will light up to show that the bowl is selected. This will be easy to troubleshoot in the future as well. The ingredients that do not belong to these traditional recipes, will be notified to the user through red LED inside and a screen ERROR notification. Users only have 1 minute to guess the right ingredients/recipe. In the end, when the “PRINT” button is pressed on the platform, the recipe will be printed. 

Visually, the ingredient from corresponding bowl will be shown on the screen for the users to know the ingredients they are picking for a certain recipe. When they move their hand from the ingredient bowl to the mixing bowl, the accelerator on the spoon will display the movement on the screen. When the timer is up, the screen will display “GAME OVER” and “Please collect your recipe”. 

The recipe cards will be given out by a slot machine at the prompt of a push button “PRINT”.

To restart the game, press the START button. 


Shannel and I discussed of our timeline and here it is.

November 4th – 10th

  • Create a paper prototype 
  • Experiment with five motion sensors to map out the distance – physical wiring 
  • Buy big bowl
  • 3D print files ( OR NOT 
  • First version of the mechanics for sliding cards (link)
  • Motion sensor with Arduino Schematics and tutorials (link)

November 11th – 17th

  • Experiment with UI + Recipe cards
  • Connect UI to motion sensor (serial communication)
  • Experiment with accelerometer 

November 18th – 24th

  • Buy Acrylic sheet – cover 
  • Buy LED stripe for the box + LED ring 
  • Fabrication
  • Slot machine fabrication (DC Motor)
  • Enclosure 

November 25th – December 1st

  • De-bug
  • Putting the circuit and fabrication together 
  • User-testing

December 2nd – December 9th

  • De-bug and Polish 
  • Documentation + User testing 

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