SALT – Stop-Motion – Animation -Week 1


1. Loop-D-Loop: Shoot a stop motion animation that tells a short looping story in 30 seconds or less. Be prepared to present in class 2. 

2. Read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud post a response to your blog before the next class.




We wanted to make the set simple while keeping the story entertaining. Zach mentioned of using household items. Therefore, we decided to use salt shakers. I thought of the story of salt shakers and water. Originally I only had two salt shakers in mind. Zach mentioned of having an army of salt shakers and it really elevates the story. The storyline is as below. A salt shaker finds a plate with water and he/she is excited to jump onto the plate. Yet it fails. Another salt shaker comes along and wants to do the same thing. However, the first salt shaker tries to stop the second one. When the second one tries to jump over, it pushes the first one down. When an army of salt shakers comes, the first two salt shakers tried to stop them. And something else happened.


We prepared 8 salt shakers and attached googly eyes on them to make them different from each other. Also, the eyes make it more personal for the audience to view.

8 salt shakers with googly eyes attached on them.
The setting with the camera and the lighting as well as the white background and white layer.
The glue stick is cut down in pieces by Zach.
The set with the black plate, salt shakers, camera, and the white drop and white platform.

We tried to use the blow dryer to mimic the flowing of the water to create the effect as below. We tried to use straw and a cup to pour the water down, but the effect is not smooth and you can see the water drip getting splashed out.


We drew the track and select 20 steps as the increment for the path of our one-eye/first salt shaker. The track was so helpful and we also utilized the same path for the second salt shaker. It is quite easy to use dragonframe and the test shot helps a lot, so does the red dot that shows the transparency layer.

It took us around 3 hours to finish the styling and the shooting, which is quite effective for a first time animation shooting for both of us.


When we tried to make the salt shaker jump sideways, we used the glue stick to support the side to make the movement on post production. For the salt shaker to jump, we looped a wire on top of the lid through the bottom of it of the salt shaker and used hot glue to glue the inside of the lid to make it stable.

Zach did an excellent photoshop job to get rid of those elements in post production.


I imported the images from dragonframe to premiere to try to extend the length of certain frames. But there are some problems when I imported the images into the premiere sequence. I have to adjust the time/speed duration for each them which is such a hassle. I also put together the images from each take and created a full sequence for the final movie.

I was going to compose music for the background music as well as the sound effects of the footsteps. I spent two hours trying to compose soundtracks that I am satisfied for the animation.

With the help of, Zach and I found some cute Minion voices that we can utilize in our soundtrack. I also found the water lapping sound on YouTube in our animation.

The sounds used are linked below:



I like how Scott uses the easiness of the comics to define the definition of comics. It is so easy to follow through and engaging in a way that makes me think of comics in a different way. The way Scott explains how he reaches the definition is very interesting that allows me to follow his thought process smoothly. I like how on page 20, Scott mentioned about how if we include photography in our definition of comics, half of the America would be have been exposed to it. 

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