Redesign Plane Ticket + Words Animation – Visual Language – Week9


  • Redesign a airline boarding pass.
  • Create 3 expressive words. An expressive word is one that manipulates the word’s letterforms to communicate the meaning of the word. Examples from class are here but your do not have to be animated.


I love this week’s assignment. It really made me think creatively in terms of fonts, letterforms, and animation.

Here is the redesigned version of the plane ticket. The fonts used are Bebas Regular, Quicksand Regular/Bold/Bold Italic. The color I used are selected and inspired from the original logo of Delta Airline: Red(db1d3a),Blue(043565), and light Blue(00adef). The font sizes for the titles are 15pt, or 20pt while the information are in 40pt, 50pt, or 70pt, depending on the hierarchy of the information.

I used red for the date and flight information since it is the first thing people double check besides their name. I made the time of boarding and departure extra big as a reminder when people glance at the ticket. With the rest of the information, I used the white text on the blue background to make the information stand out.

Before this version, I was playing around with fonts and other designs. The first one to the left only used the Quicksand family. It was good to me at the time but then when I looked back, I felt I could improve more. Therefore, I started to redesign and try to maximize the font sizes and played with other fonts. The one on the right I used both the Quicksand family and Bebas Regular. I like how they work together, therefore, I played around with the color as well as the placement of each elements.

For the second task, I was so inspired by the video Katherine showed in class. I wanted to do something brilliant.

The inspiration for the animation of “WALK” is quite interesting. I was walking in the city to do some errands. I glanced on the part of the road and I saw this. The markings on the pavement make a lot of sense. Therefore, I incorporated in the animation.

The reason of me using the word “boo” is that as I got closer with my friends in the program, we call each other “boo” or “boo boo”. The meaning of the word gives me so much happiness and I want to share the playfulness and joy through this animation.

The reason of me choosing the word “POOP” is a challenge since I want to make the word cuter by changing the way it is represented. I honestly was having trouble finding the right sound effect for the animation since most of the sounds are quite disgusting. I ended up using the water drop sound effect which leads the imagination of the action of the word “poop” yet not too straight-forward.

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