Rainbow/Kaleidoscope Mirror – ICM – Week 9

Assignment OPTION 1: Continue working on your sketch from last week. Integrate something you learned in class this week. For example, how can you use color to change the mood or meaning of your sketch? OPTION 2: Create a sketch that uses color. The sketch must be interactive or develop over time. Can you useContinue reading “Rainbow/Kaleidoscope Mirror – ICM – Week 9”

Redesign Plane Ticket + Words Animation – Visual Language – Week9

Assignment Redesign a airline boarding pass. Create 3 expressive words. An expressive word is one that manipulates the word’s letterforms to communicate the meaning of the word. Examples from class are here but your do not have to be animated. Presentation I love this week’s assignment. It really made me think creatively in terms ofContinue reading “Redesign Plane Ticket + Words Animation – Visual Language – Week9”

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