Geometric Drawing -ICM – Week5

Assignment The idea this week is to explore re-organizing your code. It is 100% legitimate to turn in a version of a previous assignment where nothing changes for the end user, but the code has been restructured. You may choose to reorganize someone else’s code——though you might want to make sure they’re okay with itContinue reading “Geometric Drawing -ICM – Week5”

Lightbox – Fab – week4

aSSIGNMENT Build an enclosure for an electronics project using any tool(s) or technique(s) you like.  Make sure that you can get back inside to make repairs, change batteries, modify, etc.  The enclosure should have multiple components: buttons, switches, sliders, connectors, display lights, dials, etc. Presentation I created a lightbox that changes the range of colorContinue reading “Lightbox – Fab – week4”

Speedy Speaker ft. FSR & Lightbox – IPC – Week4

ASSIGNMENT Come up with a simple application using digital or analog input and digital output. While playing around the lab exercises, I combined both the analog input from FSR and a speaker to create a sound/speed controller for this week’s application. I created a part of the song inspired by the song Here Comes theContinue reading “Speedy Speaker ft. FSR & Lightbox – IPC – Week4”

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