IPC – Week 8 – Final Project Concept


Shannel and I want something that allow people to interact with the physical computing part and there are more than two elements involved. So instead of two options, we want to create more options for the user to explore. Instead of a set on/off action of certain object, we want users to witness the process of adding/removing a certain feature. We want to incorporate both the physical  and the digital feature.

A quick drawing of what would appear physically on the table and digitally on the screen.

So physically, we will have a big bowl along with several ingredient dishes. In these dishes, we will place weird  objects such as dices and paperclips and so on. These objects will represent certain food ingredients we use in our Indian or Chinese cuisine. Users are prompted to put any object into the bowl. The screen will show the corresponding ingredients 

On the digital side, we will have the bowl as well but the  part would be the real ingredient for traditional Chinese or Indian cuisines.

Concept Direction

We have two ways to lead the project. One could be about educating people about the traditional way of making Chinese or Indian cuisine. Or allowing people to create their own fusion food. So instead of pressuring the connotation of cultural appropriation, we can make it a light way.

We are still thinking about how to approach the topic through a fun and lighthearted game.


But for the sensing different objects, we have thought about using RFID but we need to look deeper into. If you have any suggestions for sensing different objects that are put into the same container, please let us know. Thank you!

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