Poster Evaluation – Visual Language – Week8


Choose a design you like.  You can choose a book cover, poster, packaging or any form of graphic design. Post an image of the design to your blog and, in a series of graphic overlays, analyze its adherence to the principles of design. Identify the underlying system and the hierarchy of elements within that system. Notice the negative/positive space composition. Identify the number and variation of typefaces and the variety represented within a single type family. Look at the palette and identify the color system. Post your work to your blog and come to class prepared to share and discuss your analysis in a 4 minute presentation.

I looked into several posters before making up my mind on one to evaluate. I really love this series of posters since it is striking with bright red/yellow/blue color as the background and the focal point is right in the center. Also, the objects are so brilliantly placed and tricked our eyes into thinking the objects are something ordinary such as pasta/french fries/violin.

I focus on the blue poster since the previous two are too obvious and centered.

When I look at the composition of the image. I divided them into seven sections. The center five sections are pretty evenly distributed. The scoop of the ice cream is clearly centered while the violin takes four sections in total. The rod attached to the ice cream scoop takes up one section while the hand takes roughly three sections, although the last section to the right is a bit smaller since I aligned that with the end of the types shown on the poster.

Also, when I simply the guidelines by looking at the horizontal composition of the poster, I realized that the types of the logo of the event and the slogan as well as the rest of the fine print are evenly distributed, dividing up the poster into four parts. The size of the logo on the right corner and the size of the fine prints at the bottom are the same. Also, the portion of the image (hand with the scoop) and the text “No limits to music” is also evenly divided.

When I looked on certain lines highlighted underneath the poster, I realized that the direction of the hand holding the scoop is in parallel with the bridge of the violin. No wonder the image is so soothing to look at.

When I look at the placement of the logos of the sponsors at the bottom and the placement of other text-related information. I tend to find the poster design is not as perfect as I would expected. When I try to separate each section, some of the blocks of content tend to overlap. The logos of the sponsors especially were placed without a clear grid system to me. The left part of the sponsors and the right part are not necessarily divided evenly according to the center line of the poster. With the fine print of the concert location in the center, I would expect that the information are centered in the sponsor section. The more I look at the lines, the more I feel the poster is not balanced with at the bottom part.

But besides that, the concept of the poster is awesome and the color palette below is quite calming to me.

In terms of fonts, I only found two fonts through What The Font and Squirrel Fonts.

The one for the official font of Philharmonie de Paris is Triomphe Regular by Jérémie Dupuis. The “No Limits to Music” is Song ASC Traditional Light by Ascender.

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